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At Istorima, we believe that by listening to stories we become wiser

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At Istorima you can hear the stories and histories of others and also share your own. Here, in their own voices, people share stories of difficulty, or of love; stories that changed them or defined them; contemporary stories as well as stories from past. These stories help us to know one another, to come closer to one another, and also to become closer to our common history.

Istorima preserves important human stories of lives and experiences that aren't recorded in written histories.

Istorima is the co-creation of the historian Katherine Fleming and the journalist Sofia Papaioannou, and brings together history and journalism. It is the largest collection of oral histories ever to be undertaken in Greece.

Istorima is a non-profit company supported by a founding grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), within the framework of their “Recharging the Youth” initiative. 

Istorima is each of us and our stories, stories which must not be lost.

The Istorima Team

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Field Reporters

Our field reporters are young people from across Greece, between the ages of 18 and 35, who love the stories of their home regions and want to preserve them. Istorima provides them with training which gives them the proper tools to help their interviewees tell their stories.

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All of us are interviewees since we all have our own unique history and story to tell.  We are all part of larger history, we are the history of this place, and everybody’s story is important and should be preserved.  Istorima will collect 20,000 oral histories.

To browse the full collection of stories visit  the Istorima Archive at archive.istorima.org

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