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The Outbreak of the Istanbul Pogrom

Istanbul, 1955, 17-year-old Aliki witnesses a Turkish mob looting Greek homes, and attacking, raping, and murdering Greeks, along with Armenians and Jews. This was the beginning of the so-called "Istanbul Pogrom," in the immediate wake of which more than 15,000 of the city's Greek residents fled Turkey. Today, fewer than 3,000 inhabitants of Greek origin remain in Istanbul - which, at the start of the Turkish Republican era, had been home to close to 150,000.
Makri Rallou-Aliki
Field Reporter
Kasimi Aikaterini
  • Producer Maya Filippopoulou
  • Sound Designer Iasonas Theofanou
  • Sound Editor Spyros Lymperopoulos
  • Voiceover Eva Kesserling
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