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An arranged marriage that took me to Australia

In the wake of World War II, over 150,000 Greeks emigrated to Australia. In their new home, they tried to keep their connections to Greece alive. In the 1950's and 60's, thousands of Greek men in Australia married Greek women from "back home," through arranged marriages. Young Greek brides, many of whom had never before left their hometowns, traveled the immense distance to Australia to get married -- to men they had never met. In 1965 in Lesvos, Eleni Theodorou embarks on a ship to sail to Australia -- and her adventure begins.
Tzanni Eleni
Field Reporter
Xenitelli Panagitsa
  • Producer Maya Filippopoulou
  • Sound Designer Iasonas Theofanou
  • Sound Editor Michael Ikonomidis
  • Video Director Stefanos Bertakis
  • Voiceover Monica McShane
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