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I discovered the largest shipwreck in the Mediterranean

The sea diver Aristotelis Zervoudis tells the little-known story of the shipwreck of the steamer ORIA, one of the greatest naval tragedies in world's history.
Zervoudis Aristotelis
Field Reporter
Vlachos Stavros
  • Producer Stavros Vlachos
  • Sound Designer Alex Retsis
  • Sound Editor Dimitris Papadakis
  • Video Director Stefanos Bertakis

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Canteens at the bottom of the sea: the Mediterranean's biggest shipwreck

On the night of February 12th, 1944, the ship "Oria" runs aground on the rocks of Patroclos, a tiny island off the coast of Sounio, and sinks.  Requisitioned by the Germans to transport Italian prisoners of war to the concentration camps, the ship is carrying more than 4,000 Italian soldiers -- almost all of whom drown below decks. Many years later the diver Aristotelis Zervoudis discovers the unknown history of the largest shipwreck ever to happen in the Mediterranean.

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